Gravity Circuit | New Gameplay Today

What do you get when you blend Mega Man X, Ninja Gaiden, and Bionic Commando? You get Gravity Circuit, a promising indie action title launching later this year. 

Players control Kai, a lone warrior battling an evil robotic army in a post-apocalyptic world. This side-scrolling action title boasts plenty of satisfying action thanks to Kai’s fun melee combat, nimble platforming abilities, and his signature grappling hook, which he uses to traverse levels as well as yank and toss enemies. Sporting great 16-bit art and a strong soundtrack, Gravity Circuit is worth keeping an eye on for fans of classic throwbacks. 

Join editors Wesley LeBlanc and Marcus Stewart as they explore Gravity Circuit’s free Steam demo and discuss why it may be one of the year’s most exciting indie gems.

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